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Welcome to my homepage. Here you'll find me posting on one of my passions: music. More specifically, guitar related stuff.

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It might get loud

A documentary on the electric guitar from the point of view of three significant rock musicians: the Edge, Jimmy Page and Jack White. They get together and swap stories and music. Impressive…

Eleven Rack Rocking

I haven’t played my amps out loud in my own house for some years now… I can play and study in the evening, but then my little girl is asleep. Years ago I started out with a Line 6 POD and afterwards a POD XT. Both did an amazing job. What I missed was a ‘one fits all’ solution, which would also play the audio of my Macbook through the same outputs, ánd would have recording capabilities. Enter Avids Eleven Rack. A Pro Tools 10 interface, Which is quite cool on it’s own, but with a monster tone, that’s also really good at clean tones. Something that the line 6 company didn’t get in my opinion. You can use the interface for live playing and has a multitude of connecting capabilities. Still easy to use and dial in a great tone with ease. I bought it for €699,-, so much cheaper then competitor Fractal Audio’s Axe FX II, which - if you have the money (€2300) - would top the Eleven Racks sound.

I tried alternatives like the Apogee Jam, iRig and Amplitube software. The first two, working with Ipad or Iphone, have considerable latency. Using software plugins works, but is just not as easy as a hardware box, that can be turned on in an instant…

Do you play the Eleven Rack or are a big fan of another sound unit, let me know!

Troubleshooting your amp

Mesa Boogie is famous for it’s punchy clean tone and especially my Lonestar 2x12 has much of it. But traveling with a tube amp can sometimes give you problems with tubes or fuses. If you ever need to replace tubes, than Mesa has put in some effort to make you able to do it yourself. They’ve put up some wonderful videos explaining how to. Thanks guys!

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